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Oyster Technologies (Pvt) Ltd. (OT) is a venture of the B.S. The group came into existence in 1948 and has over 30years of experience in the media business. The group stepped into the media manufacturing business with the introduction of audio cassettes in the country and later graduated to Optical Storage Media (Cherry, OT, Asahi and various others) manufacturing over a decade ago and is the leading name in the optical/magnetic media business in the country.

OT has shown strong growth in its diversified business of
Plastic Recycling. Wide network of clients with a social mission have been the core of our recycling business and now corporate social responsibility under pins our strategy.

Our Values: Our values are deeply embedded in every function. OT’s development, operations and customer engagement are based on our values of : Integrity, Excellence and Innovation.

Our Team: Our people are our most valuable asset. OT has competitive, internationally trained staff working with us at the forefront of data storage technology in Pakistan. Successful individuals are the driving force behind a successful enterprise. Attracting, retaining and motivating the most talented people, positions OT at the forefront of each industry in which it competes.

Leadership: Our success is based on our people. We treat each other with respect and dignity. We expect everyone to promote a sense of personal responsibility. We recruit competent and motivated people who respect our values.

Excellence & Integrity: At OT we think excellence is not a destination but it’s a journey. We will always strive to be the best in each of our respective industries, and establish our position as industry leaders. Conducting our operations with integrity and with respect for the many people, organizations and environments our business touches, has always been at the heart of our corporate responsibility.

Team Work: At OT we create a respect-giving environment in which we value working together within and across our businesses.