Our Vision:

OT is a progressive enterprise aspired to providing continuously expanding services in the recycling industry. Our goal is to make a sustainable recycling solution for
rPET/rPC that is a model of excellence, environmentally responsible and economically viable.

OT will expand its capabilities to effectively provide a full spectrum of recycling solutions. In doing so, OT will foster awareness and motivation for recycling in the communities we serve.
OT is also an industry-recognized source for high quality optical media, in Pakistan. We aim to leverage our competencies in expanding our manufacturing activities and targeting promising growth.

At OT, our goal is to maintain an uncompromising commitment to environmental responsibility and serving high quality products to its customers in all its domains. On a global perspective, OT aims to be the leading supplier of recycled in the world.

Our Mission:

OT carries a social mission of corporate responsibility with focus on resource allocation in profitable growth areas.

We are an innovative company that infuses creativity in its products, and work processes with an emphasis on environmental friendliness. We are dedicated to create optical media products that deliver ultimate performance, reliability, quality and durability for storing , using and archival applications of the digital content.

OT will increase the value of its brand and demonstrate return on marketing investments. We are a company with action orientation and accountability,striving for excellence in all we do. We are focused on delivering value to our customer through our manufacturing practices as well as recycling endeavors.

At OT, we value Integrity, Excellence and Innovation.