OT has been marketing its CDR/DVD+R to both the domestic and international markets. We have exhibited at various national and international platforms. i.e. 
ITCN Asia 2005, GITEX 2005 (DUBAI), ceBIT 2006 (Germany), Expo 2006 (Pakistan) and ITCN Asia 2006.

Flare Magazine (September 2005) - "Pakistan Enters Global Market of CDR Export"

September 2005 – OT is Pakistan’s one of the first recordable storage media manufacturing facility. OT also exports its products to international markets such as Bangladesh and UAE.

This is the first time that any Pakistani company has done exports of Disc Storage Media. This reinforces Oyster Technologies' success in manufacturing of quality products that conform to the international standards. This is a remarkable achievement for the IT Sector of Pakistan. After participating in ITCN Asia 2005(Pakistan), Oyster Technologies is also promoting its brand in the international markets via GITEX 2005 (Dubai). These steps will help strengthen OT's foothold in the domestic and the international market. And build the platform for Pakistan's IT Industry to grow and prosper.

The News (August 2005) - "Pakistan's First Branded Recordable Storage Media Manufacturing Facility Started Operations"

August 2005 - Pakistan has started its first branded CDR manufacturing plant in Karachi. In the inauguration ceremony, Managing Director - Oyster Technologies (Pvt) Ltd., Mr. Faizan Ajanee said, “It is for the first time that Pakistan has achieved the capability of manufacturing Compact Discs (Recordable) in the country. Now we will be able to export CDR to India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Bhutan and UAE.

We have installed state-of-the-art German technology with an investment of US$4 million with which we are capable of competing with any international standard. Currently we have a capacity of producing 40,000 high quality A-Grade discs per day”.

Flare Magazine (August 2005) - "OT - A Symbol of Reliable Data Storage"

August 2005 - ITCN is a great platform for companies striving to create an identity in the IT industry. It is a medium to gain maximum coverage at a mass audience level. Oyster Technologies is Pakistan's one of the first dedicated facilities manufacturing recordable storage media (CD-R / DVD-R). This newly established company brings a new segment of high-tech IT products, which will help boost exports from Pakistan.

OT uses superior German equipment and technology. This state-of-the-art facility has professional staff, some of whom are trained abroad. This synergy equips us to challenge any competition in the international market.

"ITCN is a great platform for companies striving to create an identity in the IT industry. It is a medium to gain maximum coverage at a mass audience level. ITCN has proved to be very beneficial for a newly emerging IT sector (i.e. Storage Media Sector)", said Mr. Ajanee

Business Helpline (August 2005) - “Special Report On OT's Participation in ITCN Asia 2005: Oyster Technologies Manufacturing Recordable Storage media (CD-R & DVD-R)”

Oyster Technologies Pvt. Ltd., has recently set up a new industrial unit in Karachi. It is a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility producing recordable storage media.

“We are manufacturers of recordable storage media, such as CDR and DVD+R. The domestic and international markets are huge. Exports of such media could potentially be to the sub continent, Far East, Middle East, Europe and the USA”.

Expressing views about the ITCN Asia 2005 exhibition, Mr. Ajanee said it is a good opportunity for IT companies in Pakistan. Given that a multitude of visitors from all over the world attended the exhibition, it had a good platform for local companies. In relation to the local market, Mr. Ajanee stated, “Currently CD-R’s are imported from China which are poor quality and inexpensive. Until recently, Pakistan didn’t have its own recordable media brand. Most of the (imported) branded products, presently available in the market, are counterfeits. Thus they are low-priced and sub-standard quality.”

Mr. Ajanee mentioned, “The playing field is definitely not leveled and the increase in the price of POL products, the cost of raw materials has increased by 40-50%, yet CD-R’s are still being imported at previous rates through under-invoicing. This, inevitably, hurts local industries of Pakistan. The governmental authorities need to make a price correction in view of the global market and revise import values. This would give a fair chance to the local industry in Pakistan.” 

Mr. Ajanee’s response to the question of the quality was that different levels exist in regards to CDR. Currently our CDR are A-Grade quality at low-prices, running at 52x speed and 700 MB of data capacity. It is extremely difficult for us to compete on price with under valued low quality imports (B & C grade) that are flooding the local market with substandard discs. Our overall setup is at par with international standards with state-of-the-art equipment guaranteeing excellence in product quality.

“We are looking for export avenues in the markets of the neighboring countries including the CIS and the Middle East countries. Oyster Technologies provides export quality products”.