A business whose roots go decades back to the dawn of media business in Pakistan, OT today is a technology company with a dedication towards protecting the environment. OT is stretching its horizons around with the most exciting and eco-friendly endeavor (i.e. Plastic Recycling), with a passionate team focused on what it takes to succeed.

OT is a company that values preeminent initiatives, insightful thinking and participative work environment. We’re moving fast towards the growth of our businesses and shaping their future, applying innovation in
optical media and passion in our eco-friendly entrepreneurial aims (i.e. plastic recycling). We encourage open communication, offer competitive compensations and cultivate a culture of respect where contributions are recognized and rewarded. We take pride in being a great place to work and grow a career.

Oyster has active interests in the following industries:

  • Optical Storage Media

  • Plastic Recycling